Companies with soul

We create and finance social impact ventures in the field of education to foster a massive awakening of consciousness.


Purposeful, ethical companies
and profitable

At Fundación Utópika we know that ethics, impact and profitability can go hand in hand. In fact, we believe that as a matter of corporate social responsibility they should be closely linked. In our companies, we not only seek profitability, but we also share in conscious capitalism, benefiting the rest of our stakeholders. In this way, those who participate in the creation and generation of wealth feel that they truly share in the achievements, both spiritually and economically. In turn, the remaining profit goes to the coffers of the foundation, which reinvests the money in the creation of new companies, as well as in its own social work.

Current Project
A totally innovative conscious school project from 1 to 18 years of age, whose purpose is to accompany children and adolescents so that they learn to be truly happy, discover their true purpose and know how to enjoy life to the fullest.
Current Project
An educational community for seekers and nonconformists. Its purpose is to transform lives through face-to-face and online programs aimed at empowering students to grow in awareness and wisdom in different areas of their lives.
Current Project
A citizens' movement made up of 1,250 volunteers who promote free emotional and entrepreneurial education for young people between 18 and 23 years of age, present in 54 cities in Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico, Ecuador and Peru.

Lean impact, our methodology to create startups with social impact

5. Impact measurement

We use the scientific method to measure the impact generated by the company we have created, preparing the corresponding impact report attached to our annual report.

4. Growth and scalability

We hired a highly qualified CEO with proven experience in this sector to train and lead the management team responsible for growing and scaling this project in an excellent way.

3. Business Model

We create an innovative product or service with an original value proposition that differentiates us from the competition while iterating to successfully validate the business model.

2. Minimum viable product

We select a project leader from our venture builder to work with his team to develop a minimum viable product to test the maturity of the market where we want to operate.

1. Ideation and validation

We detect business opportunities to solve a social problem, verifying if any of them meet our criteria of impact and economic viability.

Money is energy.
Put it where your values are.

Conscientious patrons and philanthropists

Donate to one of our projects and leave a legacy worth remembering.

Investors with soul

Invest in one of our projects and give back to society part of what it has given you.