Radical honesty and transparency

Our accounts are always visible for anyone to know how we spend and invest every last euro we receive from our investors and patrons.

By changing education, we change the world

We are greatly inspired by the words of the poet Eduardo Galeano: “Utopia is on the horizon. I get two steps closer, it moves two steps away. I walk ten steps and the horizon moves ten steps further. No matter how far I walk, I will never reach it. So what is utopia for? For that: it serves to walk.” While any utopia is by definition unattainable, for us it represents the direction we want to head in, no matter how far we go. The important thing is that it motivates us to keep moving forward. Only time -and the data we collect- will tell how far we have been able to get…


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Transformed lives

Our goal is not to make money, but to create prosperity.

The objective of the Fundación Utópika is not to make money, but to create wealth, abundance and prosperity. We are very clear that money comes as a result if we are faithful to our purpose. The more people we help, the more prosperity we will reap. The root of true abundance is born of genuine generosity. That is why we are committed to providing the greatest value, with the highest quality and to the maximum number of people. The beauty of this way of conceiving our organization is that it takes us into a virtuous circle. The money we earn as a result of creating wealth becomes the energy that fuels and allows us to grow our community of patrons, investors, leaders and conscious entrepreneurs exponentially, enabling us to hire more people, expand to more places and ultimately amplify our social impact.

Lean impact, our methodology to create startups with social impact

5. Impact measurement

We use the scientific method to measure the impact generated by the company we have created, preparing the corresponding impact report attached to our annual report.

4. Growth and scalability

We hired a highly qualified CEO with proven experience in this sector to train and lead the management team responsible for growing and scaling this project in an excellent way.

3. Business Model

We create an innovative product or service with an original value proposition that differentiates us from the competition while iterating to successfully validate our business model.

2. Minimum viable product

We select a project leader from our venture builder to work with his team to develop a minimum viable product to test the maturity of the market in which we want to operate.

1. Ideation and validation

We detect business opportunities to solve a social problem, verifying if any of them meet our criteria of impact and economic viability.

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We do not want to be the richest in the cemetery, but the ones who leave the most legacy to society.

All the professionals who are part of Fundación Utópika are honest with ourselves and with our motivations. We are part of this project freely and voluntarily because we deeply believe in the purpose of the foundation. In turn, we show ourselves to the world with radical honesty. This is the reason why our accounts are transparent and always visible for anyone to know how we spend and invest every last euro we receive from our investors and patrons. While we are far from perfect, we do strive for integrity at all times.

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Money is energy.
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