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It contributes directly and significantly to accelerate the process of awakening global consciousness, giving your existence a more transcendent meaning.

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Philanthropy: love for humanity

The Fundación Utópika is fortunate to have the unconditional support of patrons and philanthropists who are genuinely motivated to promote the awakening of humanity’s consciousness. Thanks to your donations, we are able to hire the most talented professionals in the market, dedicating ourselves body and soul to creating conscious companies that generate the greatest possible social impact.

Types of donations

From Fundación Utópika we want to democratize the field of patronage, so that anyone -regardless of their financial resources- can contribute with their grain of sand to raise awareness, revolutionize the education system and transform the mentality of society. And of course, to reward these contributions with the possibility of being an active part of this wonderful project.

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Choose to donate to the foundation in general or to one of our projects in particular.

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We inform you that, in accordance with Law 49/2002, of December 23, 2002, on the tax regime of non-profit organizations and tax incentives for patronage, donors of FUNDACIÓN UTÓPIKA may apply, in compliance with the requirements established for this purpose, the following tax deductions in their next income tax return(s):

Donation amount % deduction
Up to 150€. 80
More than 150€ 35 or 40, depending on the donations made to the foundation in the 2 previous tax periods.
Donation amount % deduction
Anyone 35 or 40, depending on the donations made to the foundation in the 2 previous tax periods.

Lean impact, our methodology to create startups with social impact

5. Impact measurement

We use the scientific method to measure the impact generated by the company we have created, preparing the corresponding impact report attached to our annual report.

4. Growth and scalability

We hired a highly qualified CEO with proven experience in this sector to train and lead the management team responsible for growing and scaling this project in an excellent way.

3. Bussiness model

We create an innovative product or service with an original value proposition that differentiates us from the competition while iterating to successfully validate the business model.

2. Minimum viable product

We select a project leader from our venture builder to work with his team to develop a minimum viable product to test the maturity of the market where we want to operate.

1. Ideation and validation

We detect business opportunities to solve a social problem, verifying if any of them meet our impact and economic viability criteria.